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How to Get What You've Always Wanted!



A full-day workshop facilitated by:


The Manifest University

Saturday, September 9th

9 am – 8:00 pm



Blank Spaces

1450 2nd Street (at Broadway)

Santa Monica, CA  90401

Is there a place you're feeling stuck?   What will make you feel happy and fulfilled?  

Do you want:    


  • More money      
  • Success 
  • Fame
  • A better career
  • An entrepreneurial venture
  • New relationships or business partners
  • Or even Love!   You name it!


This full day summit on “manifesting your desired results” is specially designed for busy professionals and entrepreneurs, just like you!


Join us for this highly interactive full day workshop designed to help you break lifelong patterns so that you can manifest what you want, all for a much happier and fulfilled you! 


About our speaker


Eve Shpak - Eve's background includes over 20 years of working with people of all ages and backgrounds to break patterns and manifest permanent desired results.   Eve is the Chief Happiness Officer of The Manifest University, a venue through which she’s helped hundreds of people achieve their personal and professional dreams.   Helping people reach their happiness is her life's passion.



Many people say they know what's wrong and what they want… but don't know how to fix the issue and get the results.   Here you’ll gain insights on WHY you keep getting the same undesired results over and over, as well as HOW to get what you want and keep it.   Enjoy big “ah ha’s” the whole day!

Changing your patterns, choices and beliefs takes time...  In this full day seminar, gain new tools you can use TODAY for your success.


And a bonus!   TELL US in a confidential private email what you’re looking to create and we can address this during the day.

REGISTER TODAY for this life changing program.

To Your Success!


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